Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poem #1 "The Window"

So I'm back, my writing poetry class has assignments each week and I sort of wanted to share them with the world. The first one only had one limation, it had to contain 3 images. Yes, this can be seen as a sad poem. But I'll go ahead and throw the author's intention out there. This poem is about life, love, and happiness. How we remember the smallest things. And most importantly, how that IS NOT a bad thing. It may seem like it during certain points in your life, but your memories are a part of your life. I'm not the best poet in the world. But I wanted to share my work on this personal blog. And honestly, this one was written straight from the heart which (whether its a good or bad piece) means a lot to me. Thanks to all who read it. Lets just hope I get an A hahaha

“The Window”

I remember,
your window. Looking out to the darkness,
not a single star in sight. But it didn't matter.
I had you in my arms; your perfume filled my nose
like a drip of water to exhausted lips.
I had it all. Your long brown hair rested
on my arms, an animal so comfortable where it lay.

I remember,
your stories. How this one simple rectangle gave you light
when your candle would not burn. It was then,
I was inspired, lifted above my original frame
and into a brave new world.
I had found my keys to the door that avoided me for
so long.

I remember,
you. The smile that would light a fire inside me
that still burns to this day. I was told to extinguish that flame,
but I cannot. No amount of respect or longing can silence
the voices. Only time will do the nasty deed. But even then, I will always remember
the window.


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